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Dividing Perennials

As I wrote in an earlier post, eventually most perennials need to be divided and the divisions planted in additional garden spots or shared with friends. The ideal time to divide perennials is in early spring when they start coming back to life after being dormant for the winter or late summer/fall after they have finished flowering. Don’t ruin your bloom season when they are forming buds or blooming.

Signs they need to be divided can be lack of blooms when leaves look healthy, but you aren’t getting adequate blooms. Another telltale sign is when the center of the plants begins to die, even though there may be a circle of growth on the outside.

Divide and conquer by using a sharp garden tool and dig around the plant. Leave as much soil as you can around the roots. Carefully lift it from the soil and place it somewhere you can easily cut it up. Cut it by taking a sharp knife and cutting the plant into sections, making sure each piece has some leaves and roots still attached. At this time cut away excess greenery so the greenery is not competing with the roots. Replant your new divisions as soon as possible and water well after replanting. In “plant math” you divide to multiply!

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