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Welcome to my blog!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Hello, my name is Nina & welcome to my blog.

I was asked why I wanted to blog and what my blog was going to be about. All of the sudden there was a huge “??” staring me in the face. After much thought I could answer those questions.

First, I want to blog because I love to write. I grew up loving to write letters to military personnel, pen pals, relatives and friends. In our busy lives hand written “anything” is becoming a lost art. Some of my most treasured possessions are handwritten notes, cards and letters from my old boyfriend (that I married).  Larry always liked to draw so almost every letter had artwork inside or sometimes on the envelopes. A letter Larry’s dad wrote his mom right before Larry was born is priceless that I hope will pass down through many generations to come. He was serving in the military and wasn’t going to be home for his birth. It was full of joyous emotions and anticipation as he spoke about his excitement and even mentioned that he was sure the baby would be there by the time the letter arrived. He fondly spoke of a little girl name, well that didn’t happen! Knowing how special letters and colored pictures were to my grandparents was evident when they passed away and there in a trunk was every letter or picture that I sent them as a child, but also letters and pictures my children sent them also.

The second reason I want to blog is that I hope I can be an inspiration to someone as a source of encouragement or just a smile. Whether I’m sharing a story, a recipe, a photograph or a gardening tip I hope you will be inspired and just ENJOY! So with that being said, jump on board for the many places we will go through my eyes, heart and soul. I have also found the perfect place to write, welcome to my swing!

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