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My Feathered Friends

There is such joy found in watching birds. I love feeding birds wherever I am. I try to offer a variety of feeders as well as a gourmet menu to attract as many species as possible. If I had to pick my favorites species it would be cardinals and hummingbirds. On the other hand, Larry would probably say his are the woodpeckers, I think just because they are a little ornery like he is!

Last fall we had a major event that took place on our front porch. Two owls decided to nest in our flower pot and we had ringside seats to baby owls hatching. It was amazing to watch and I’m hoping they return this year as they still frequent the trees in our yard.

It is very relaxing to watch the birds and I love taking photos. I hope you enjoy these recent shots! I recently added a peanut feeder which can attract many different species. Not only larger birds like woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and robins, but even many small songbirds are among peanut fans. You can serve them whole or shelled but use peanuts that are unsalted.

Winter is especially an important time to remember our little feathered friends. They need extra food and water as some of their other food sources can dwindle in the winter. I always like to add suet to the menu for winter as it gives them extra energy and fuel to help keep them warm. You can purchase suet in many forms such as pellets, bars, plugs which are all available at Cornerstone or you get motivated and make your own. A tip for your birdbath or water station is to add a few rocks or something for them to perch on. They don’t always want to get in the water and most birdbaths are too deep.

If you have noticed a decrease in your birds activity lately it is just that time of the year when they go off searching and collecting for the long cold winter months while they have no babies to care for. They will be back, but it is important to continue providing food for them as you normally would as they have come to rely on your feeders. You can just decrease the amount you put out. I have learned birds are just like people if you set the table they will come. They are just like us they like to eat.

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